Resume Webpage Revision Process

Narrative Process: Originally, my website was very bland, with no color to it apart from the header, and I was utilizing the Twenty Thirteen theme. For this revision, I changed the theme and added an interesting header to it- something that other people would find interesting and attention-grabbing, yet a rather personal image, one from Doctor Who, so I felt it turned my header into an inside joke, all while giving much needed pizazz to the site.

I played around with different backgrounds, but after going into tiling images, I asked for a peer review of it from classmates (former classmate Thomas Clark), and together we came to the conclusion that it was distracting from the text., so instead I chose a color to complement the theme. Finally, I chose a specific page to reformat and revise, so that I could enhance the effect of that page. Originally, I had my resume just as two images on my page, which was not terribly user-friendly for anyone who didn’t want to necessarily download the resume. Hence, I laid it out on a page for the website, italicizing the employer names, capitalizing the section headers and bolding my positions, with my duties and skills in an easy to read format. I felt that this allowed for easier skimming, and still attached my printable pdf of the resume to the bottom of the page.

Revised Resume page

Original Rough Resume Page