The Men in Motion Memorandum of Understanding Revision

Process Narrative:

As a collaborative assignment, The Men in Motion Memorandum of Understanding was originally written by the rest of the group with Kate Woodlief and I editing the piece, thus allowing an even spread of the work. Once we drafted our original, we presented it in class to Heather and Dr. Wharton, carefully taking into regard their comments as well as comparing it to our fellow peers’ memorandums that we saw.

The biggest difference we noticed was the lack of an Intellectual Property and Confidentiality clause, which was major since this clause ensured that we the students had the ability to re-use these pieces created for Men in Motion in our portfolios. However, this clause also protected the right of Men in Motion to utilize our work, royalty-free in the future. Once this section was collaboratively written using Tyler’s research, Kate and I re-edited the piece, with Merima double-checking everything before we submitted it.